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Entry #3

Buten Game DONE

2016-05-31 02:20:25 by 9X74

Hey guys if you feel like playing a hardcore quiz-like game you should give Buten Game a try.

It's a nice challenge and you're probably going to like it if you like games that won't hold your hand.

Also I'm open to (constructive) critisism for those who feel like improvements could be made,
so don't forget to leave a review or just reply to this post. :)


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2016-05-31 13:14:24

This game is awesome! :)

9X74 responds:

Thanks friend! :)


2016-07-31 23:22:06

Yeah the problem is... I SUCK AT THIS GAME!!!!!!!! But nice Game anyways I love it!

9X74 responds:

Haha that's too bad. Glad you liked it though! :)


2017-08-08 02:07:53

I b liek buten game